Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The primary function of CEMCO is to market the electrical construction products of the manufacturers we represent to our end user customers through qualified electrical distributors.

All our associates work in an atmosphere of teamwork and dedication to provide the service our customers require. This is accomplished in a professional and ethical manner.

We are dedicated to maximizing the profitability of our customers, the companies we represent and CEMCO.

Our Business Fundamentals

Our business fundamentals make the Consolidated Electrical Marketing Company unique. They guide our behavior and decision making in all our everyday activities.

Honesty and Ethics. We uphold the highest ethical standards and treat our constituencies and other fairly and honestly.

Entrepreneurial Spirit. We look for new opportunities and welcome challenges because they bring out the best in our abilities and provide meaningful professional growth.

Camaraderie. We are inspired by the talents and commitments of our associates, and enjoy working with them to achieve shared goals.

Leadership. We strive to continually set the standard of excellence in everything we do.


The CEMCO team can accomplish the goals we set together. We will facilitate the flow of products from
your factory, through channels of distribution, to the end user.

  • The people of our company have a reputation for integrity and professionalism in this territory. We have established long term relationships with end users, engineers, contractors and distributors.
  • We have always believed that superior customer service, the ability to understand and follow through on distributor and end user needs, is the cornerstone of our business.
  • We utilize our marketing knowledge to find applications for new products and services. We must know which end users or contractors are prime candidates to be consumers of these products.

Our role and an electrical manufactures representative has changed over the last number of years. We must be and have evolved into a professional marketing organization. The end user, contractor, distributor are equally important customers to us. The manufacturer partners we represent are the key to our long term success.


October 1, 2010 CEMCO relocated to 476 W. Wrightwood Avenue in Elmhurst, IL. In keeping with current industry trends, we have moved into an office space only to accommodate growth of our inside and outside sales groups. This facility allows us to transition from the rep distribution function of the 1970’s and 1980’s to the era of reps performing true sales and marketing functions.